the biz

Katabatic Illustration and Design is the freelance design business of Kathy Kelly.

Kathy has 9 years experience in the graphic design and illustration field, and 3 years in graphic pre-press. She is highly skilled in all facets of the job, providing services for print production, ranging from concept creation to pre-press and print management. She has a knowledgable flare for illustration and experience in web development to ensure all areas of graphic design are catered for.

Kathy has worked with a variety of companies from Australia's leading ski resorts and world class hang gliding manufacters, government departments and lifestyle clients.

Based in Australia, and traveling regularly, Kathy provides her services via email and the web to produce artwork of a high standard, with minimal hassles, regardless of where you live.

the name katabatic

Related to the flow of air... Katabatic is the name given to air currents and wind flowing down a slope or into a valley as it is cooled in the evening.

It is a word that is associated with the aviation world, holding a strong influence in the designs.

It relates to natures elements, changing to suit the surrounding conditions just as design changes with the trends.

It has identity, it has direction, it is unique.

katabatic's mission

Direction, identity, unique design, created for function, driven by culture.

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